Dear youth community!

Unfortunately, the world today is suffering from a pandemic associated with the spread of coronavirus (2019-nCov). During a month preventive quarantine measures have been in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. These measures provided conditions to contain the spread of infection in our country in comparison with other countries of Europe.

I address you as future doctors and the most conscious and educated part of young people. You are an example for representatives of other educational institutions. Today, the epidemic situation in our city remains stable, and medical institutions are ready to provide medical care to all residents of the city. We must be united, disciplined and responsible in quarantine.

Our educational institution has created the necessary conditions for remote education, organization of life, provision of disinfectants in educational buildings and hostels. The Administration is working hard to maintain self-isolation for all students. But I understand well and share your parents' anxiety about rising morbidity in Europe and the world. We have information regarding appeals from students and their parents to governments and embassies in their countries of residence. The most common treatment is requests to allow return to the homeland during the quarantine period. The Academy Administration does not object to and will not prevent such initiatives, but it is important to note that quarantine measures are carried out in all countries of the world and isolation or monitoring is a constant requirement for all citizens. Certain problems may also arise when returning to Ukraine. Your decision must be well considered.

Now we continue remote training until the official cancellation of the quarantine, about which we will inform you additionally. I think it is necessary to emphasize that the period of final examinations is approaching and you are obliged to complete the curriculum and get the corresponding credits for transferring to the next year of study. Be disciplined and responsible.

Especially I want to address graduate students - use opportunities and interact with departments in preparation for the united states qualification exam.

Our educational institution will create all conditions for conducting examinations, we will interact with the relevant institutions to ensure the possibility of your departure to the countries of residence. To do this, you must successfully pass a united state qualification exam. Dear our young people, being in quarantine conditions, getting acquainted with the organization of quarantine measures, means of self-protection are also your personal experience, which will be useful to you in future medical activities.

So, we remain for the period of quarantine in self-isolation in places of residence, we do not leave without necessity premises, we use individual means of protection, we calm and support our parents. Be healthy and successful. Together, we will overcome the trials associated with the coronavirus pandemic (2019-nCov).


Rector of SI “DMA”, Professor T.O. Pertseva

The quarantine in Ukraine will prolong until May 11

Only after this date the Government will begin the phasing out or relaxation of restrictions. Restrictions will be mitigated in stages by reducing the incidence rate to 5% daily.

Ukraine has introduced quarantine in a timely manner. Therefore, it still manages to avoid a critical situation with the number of patients.

Only due to the preliminary introduced quarantine measures as of today, Ukraine has one of the lowest death tolls from COVID-19 which is 2.7%.


We appeal to you once again to pay attention to and share these recommendations with your mates. Since March 17th, all public events which involves 10 or more persons are forbidden, all restaurants and shopping center are closed. Your and our staff safety is our utmost priority in circumstances of existing pandemic!

We are applying all possible measures to contain virus of severe acute respiratory syndrome, which causes COVID-19.

New QUARANTINE RULES in Ukraine: what is important to know

Firstly, since March 16th, 2020 all departments of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy kicked off the distance education, you should not consider it as extra-vacations or opportunity to forget and distance the classes. Classes are going on but in the mode of distance education. Students as before follow the time-table and curriculum of the courses and each day receive marks for their responses.

If students did not start distance education and do not fulfill the requirements of the departments to obtain marks, they will be expelled according to the report of the department as those who broken academic rules (did not complete the curriculum).

Secondly, to contain SARS-COV-2 in Ukraine which causes COVID-19 follow these steps:

  • Stay at home (dormitory, apartment) and leave it only for vital needs (buying foods, medicines etc.) refrain from public gatherings, (shopping mall, supermarkets).
  • Keep your life space clean:
    • Outside doors and windows to permit better air circulation and wash the floors regularly with sanitizers;
    • Clean with soap and sanitizer which you touch regularly mobiles, keyboards, remote controls, desks and door handles;
    • Supply yourself with all necessary hygiene stuff including wipes, napkins, soap and alcohol-containing hand sanitizer.
  • Don’t get together with more than 5 persons in the room
  • Follow the rules of respiratory hygiene which means when you sneeze or cough, close your mouth and nose with tissue, napkin or bent elbow; throw the tissue to the covered bin, treat your hand with sanitizer or wash them with water and soap
  • Utilize single-use facemask while you are attending public places, replace them as soon as they become wet or dirty
  • Wash your hands often and treat them with sanitizer
    • If warm water and soap are unobtainable, use alcohol-containing sanitizes with at least 60% concentration of the latter.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or face with hands
  • Do not share your kitchen staff with others
  • Abstain from close contact with persons having fever and cough
  • Do not consume fresh or non-adequately cooked animal food
  • Smocking is a risk factor for the development of the COVID-19, as soon as virus affects first and foremost respiratory system, causing mild and severe respiratory disease.


      • Shy away from others if you are ill and take on medical mask;
      • If you live with someone who has symptoms, you'll need to self-isolate for 14 days from the day their symptoms started. This is because it can take 14 days for symptoms to appear.
      • Sleep enough.
      • Drink enough – mineral non-sparkling water, tea.
      • If you have any underlying conditions or prone to respiratory diseases call physician immediately.
      • Keep the distance.
      • The ill person may spread the virus for the distance of up to 2 m.
  • The liability for these rules offense during COVID-19 pandemic is protected by law. If this violation resulted in the other persons contamination, criminal sentence is provided.
  • You will be fined in case you are infected with COVID 19 and leave on your own the observation or quarantine location.

We hope for your understanding and conscious professional perception to contain coronavirus in Ukraine, causing COVID-19. Healthcare professionals were example of courage, discipline and humanity even during the worst period of humankind. Thus we expect you to show all aforementioned professional traits of your future occupation!


Dear students!

We kindly ask you to inform your parents we don’t have an epidemic of coronavirus infection in Ukraine!

Only three cases of COVID-19 were registered officially in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government introduced quarantine as an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 11.03.2020 No. 211, from March 12, 2020, a three-week quarantine is introduced in Ukraine for all educational institutions.

Therefore, we closed all our campuses until 3rd of April 2020, online teaching is delivered to all international students of Year 1-6 course “General medicine”.

Distant education is mandatory for all students of Year 1-6 course “General medicine” and is carried out according to existing timetables.

All the travels are forbidden for the whole period of quarantine

The access to the dormitories of the Academy are limited solely to persons, who dwells there.

Further information will be provided regarding the teaching online in the departments of our academy.

Should you have any questions, contact your vice-deans through Viber or WhatsApp!


From 6 to 24 April 2020, the following are PROHIBITED:

    • Stay in public places WITHOUT A RESPIRATOR OR PROTECTIVE MASKS (manufactured individually);
    • Movement of MORE THAN TWO PERSONS by a group of persons, except in cases of emergency;
    • Being on the streets WITHOUT IDENTITY DOCUMENTS, confirming citizenship or special status;
    • Visits to parks, squares, recreation areas, forest parks and coastal areas, except for pets walking with one person and in case of business necessity;
    • Visiting sports and playgrounds;
    • Stay in public places of persons under 14 years of age, without adult escort;
    • Carrying out all mass (cultural, entertaining, sports, social, religious, advertising and other) events, except measures necessary to ensure the work of state authorities and local governments, provided that participants provide respirators or protective masks;
    • Public transportation, except for employees of institutions and institutions providing health care, food security, government and provision of essential public services, energy supply, water supply, communications and communications, financial and banking services, functioning of transport infrastructure, spheres defense, law enforcement and civil protection, critical infrastructure facilities that have a continuous industrial cycle;
    • Illegally leave the observation location (isolation);
    • Visits to palliative care, social protection and social services institutions, with the exception of agencies and institutions which providing emergency services (crisis).

The PENALTY for VIOLATION of quarantine conditions is from 17000 to 34000 UAH.

According to Article 325 of the Criminal Code, violation of these norms, which led to the spread of the disease, entails imprisonment for up to 8 years.

The period of global pandemic and disasters is precious not only for physical health but the mental one as well. We are doing our best, providing the first psychological aid to our students, which are followed up by our staff.

After obtaining informed consent from them, we sharing the stories of their routine life during the quarantine.

It is important! What you need to know in order not to get the COVID-19

Quarantine conditions among students in the Dnieper, Ukraine