Algorithm of student actions during final online certification

1. On the eve of the exam, check the functionality of the existing / create a new Google account (e-mail in Gmail) on a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone. Get to know the Google Meet application. Check your camera, microphone and internet (advantage over wired Internet).

2. Get the schedule of exams (the time assigned to you, the date of the exam and the number of the computer assigned to you) in the dean's office.

3. The day before the exam by 17:00 you have to receive two e-mails:

        • with the link to the task of exam (the task will be available for review and answer only next day according to the schedule of exams);
        • with the link to Google Meet (video conference with the examination commission).

If you have NOT received the letters in time, please, call

4. The next day according to the schedule start answering the exam tasks. Execution time is 1 hour 30 minutes (for complex exam) and 1 hour (for hygiene exam). Be sure to click "Submit" at the end of the form. PAY ATTENTION: after the required time of the written session you will no longer be able to send an answer, which means the cancellation of your exam!

5. Before the oral part, prepare a document confirming your identity (passport).

6. According to the schedule of the second (oral) part of exam (5-10 minutes in advance) start Google Meet using the link from the letter, which you have received the day before.

7. Authenticate yourself (show your passport in the webcam and keep the document near the camera for at least 3-5 seconds). Student authentication is performed once at the beginning of the video interview. The room should be well lit, the face opened, the student should be wearing a medical gown.

8. To give the answer within the limited time (one subject – 0,5 of academic hour).

9. Wait for statement of the results letters from the dean office till the next day.

10. If electic supply, network are broken or you have other problems during the answer time you should call , and take down the fact of broken exam. Afterwards you must appeal to the head of exam team to ask to complete exams individually another day.